• Toothache

  • Root Canal Treatment 

  • Extractions 

  • Tooth whitening

  • Veneers 

  • Selected adult tooth straightening  (clear alligners )

  • Complete oral rehabilitation

  • Check up 

  • Scale & Clean

  • Fillings

  • Dentures

  • Crown & Bridge 

  • Mouth-guards 

     Covid  - 19

Please do not attend your dental appointment if you are feeling unwell, like you have the start of a cold. 


Please do not attend the practice if you have just got back from travelling overseas in the last 14 days, or if you have been in contact with anyone returning from overseas.


Socially distance, no shaking of hands , using of hand sanitizer and regular washing of hands!


Please ensure you follow best practices to protect the health and well being of yourself, your family, and our community at large. 


Dr Joe has over 27 years experience as a general dentist in his own private practices in northern WA.

He is a sole practitioner, so you can expect to see him each and every time you visit. Joe and his wife Jessie have relocated permanently to the Huon Valley, so you can expect continuity of care into the future.

Dr Joe enjoys his work and this is reflected in his friendly, kind and enthusiastic nature. With this, he brings the highest level of integrity, ethical behaviour and professionalism to his workplace.

We strongly believe that clear communication is the key to every  successful relationship and you will see this at work in our practice.

Jessie Vernon is a very calm and highly organised practice manager and assistant.

She has a kind and compassionate nature and shows great empathy for those who are anxious or fearful. You will always find her welcoming and friendly at reception.

As a team,we are always striving for excellence in treatment outcomes and aim to provide a stress-free, outstanding health experience.


Dr Joe really listens to your presenting complaint and what you want as a patient.

He will then explain his findings ( your diagnosis) and treatment options in clear simple words.You will then be given a written estimate of the cost of treatment.


Using numbing-gel ,sufficient anaesthetic and onset time, we strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We understand most people are nervous or frightened.


Dr Joe practices a distinctly minimalist style of dentistry.

Whilst being thorough, he will do the minimal amount to achieve and maintain your dental health.

He will explore the simplest (and often cheapest) option first.

This may include a watch and wait approach to early problems or 'patching' previously filled teeth.He believes we do not live in a perfect world and  some treatment plans need to be based on compromise.

Ultimately our aim is to achieve the best result at an affordable price.


Dr Joe has always charged at the low end of the fee spectrum and is very up-front about fees.He believes the cost of treatment is a major barrier to people seeking dental care. Therefore, with a minimalist approach and lower fees, every attempt is made to make your treatment affordable.

Please feel free to ask for a treatment estimate and compare our fees.


We value your opinion on the direction your treatment takes.You may prefer to deal with a single problem or choose a more complex treatment plan. We offer silver (Amalgam) fillings for back teeth (which are stronger , last longer and are cheaper ) as well as composite (white) fillings.Dr Joe can guide you with your choice.


Knowing that X-ray radiation is harmful, X-rays are always keeps to an absolute minimum.

They are not always part of a routine examination.We will only recommend them when absolutely necessary.



Routine Exams & Diagnosis ​

  • Complete oral examination

  • X-rays 

  • Complementary treatment planning & fee estimates   


Gum problems & Dental Hygiene

  • Complementary Oral Hygiene Instruction  

  • Bleeding Gums (Gingivitis)

  • General gum health maintenance (Scale & Polish)

  • Chronic periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) treatment&maintenance                  


  •  Tooth coloured & Amalgam restorations (Pro-choice)


  • Osseo-integrated replacement of missing teeth

  •  Selected restorative cases

  • Partial Dentures (acrylic, chrome & Titanium)

  • Complete Dentures 

  • Immediate Dentures                            

  • Direct & Indirect                                          

Emergency Dentistry

  • Toothache given same day priority 

  • Root Canal Treatment     

  • Extractions & Oral Surgery

Teeth Whitening


 Teeth Straightening
  • Selected adult orthodontic cases (clear aligners)

   Teeth grinding (Bruxism)​
  • Provision of occlusal splints(night guard)​​​




          Dr Joe Vernon BDSc.(WA)


Mrs. Jessica Vernon

Practice Manager & Dental Nurse 


Clear Communication 


Our Address

2A Wilmot Rd. 

Huonville, Tasmania. 7109

Phone : 6264 3330

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday  9AM – 4PM